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The late October sun in Moscow created a warm canvas to a city that has a repute for a chill. 


Highlights: Spices wafting from the markets outside the kremlin, lovers on the iron bridges outside the Gorky park, luxury vehicles and best of all-  a veritable mish-mash of gorgeous architectural masterpieces, each dating to a certain decade in Russia’s effervescent history. 


Moscow is the epitome of what is modern and beautiful. From its luxury boutiques, to its ever-expanding iconic metro system.  The heartbeat of this city was remarkably easy to sync up to, as I wandered the city – camera in hand following my nose to borsht and caviar filled crepes, I enjoyed each moment in Москва and hope to return soon.


Style: Serbian Slavic motifs, Soviet era imagery, Early Baroque, Stalinist, Russian revival (and that’s just the beginning!)


Places to see: St Basils, The Bolshoi Theatre, Central Moscow Hippodrome, The Hermitage, Moscow Museum of Modern Arts, GUM Shopping mall.

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