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Thank you for visiting We have prepared the information below to ensure that your experience on our website is one you’ll enjoy and want to repeat. DJS provides this site as a service to its customers. Please review the following basic rules that govern your use of our site. Please note that your use of our site constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by these terms. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this site. 

We offer those who sign-up for our email list advanced notice of sales, new services, and content of interest. Email addresses collected at are used internally and by our business partners. If you would like to unsubscribe from our email list or would prefer that your email address not be shared with our business partners,  please contact us directly. We will remove your name from our email list within a reasonable period of time. Please recognize that you may receive another email before we are able to remove you.


as of 17/12/18 I am a affiliate of Wix, Which means I receive 100 dollars to every premium subscription placed through my link provided 

as of 17/12/18 I am a affiliate of Moo which means I receive 5 dollars to each new customer when referred via a direct link I would send

I only recommend each platform if I feel it is a good match for my client, in regards to their budget and project. I also work with many independent coders, printers and artisans to help develop each project to its fullest potential. If it makes more sense to refer a independent contractor, I would do so. 

Shop & Project Policies


Prices are subject to change 7-10 days after proposal, and any projects that are abandoned (no contact for  60 + days) will be treated as

completed. They will be filed and  will be up to the designers discretion if they will be taken up again when the time arises.  


If the client turns to another designer while working on a project with DJS, Out of respect to the new designer and a desire to keep our work independant we reserve the right to step back from the project at any time.

As the work of DJS is custom and service based, there will be no refunds or returns on any work that is provided. 

Please remember, that each custom package comes with a standard of X3 revisions, unless noted otherwise.

For any invoices that are overdue, 24 hours after the work has been presented, sent and no record of payment made there will be a penalty of 5% of the overall invoice  applied each day until the complete payment is made.


By proceeding to checkout, or collaborating with DJS  you agree and are bound to the terms set, we look forward to collaborating with you! 



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