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"Coton & Bonbon is an upmarket store resulting from an innovative concept in the world of confectionery. Offering a wide range of sweets, teas and imported delicacies, Coton & Bonbon opens its first store in Outremont in 2016."

When approached by Johanna & Georges to collaborate on Coton et Bonbon’s  branding the answer was immediate. Absolutely.

The take was a fresh approach to the Traditional Candy Store. Visions of imported chocolates, gourmet candies and brightly colored treats from exotic locales where the inspiration for the logo.


Stylized fonts, a vibrant pallet coupled with vintage motifs began to tell the story that the company will now write. Effortlessly elegant and cheerfully nostalgic, the C&B branding provided a solid platform for what will surely be a destination for local Montrealer’s and visitors alike. 

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