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FAQ’s and How We Work. 




How long does it take to design a logo? 

The standard turnaround time for a logo design is 3-5 weeks, this does tend to vary as to the complexity of the logo, how revisions go, and the responsiveness of the client. 


What is the process?

  1. Design board and preliminary designs. This is the stage where we play with fonts, colors and the overall feel. 

  2. Revisions. Here we tweak the design board, we narrow down the colors, select a font and confirm that the feel is spot on. 

  3. Second Draft- we’ve selected the font and the direction is looking good- now lets look at layout scale and proportion 

  4. Final Draft- We’ve selected our top two logos, lets confirm those final details. Line weight, size spacing and color. 

  5. We’re done!  You will receive a dropbox link with your logo in black, white, and your color of choice. In eps. Jpeg and png format. 


What is jpeg, eps, and png?


JPEG- White background + high resolution 

PNG - Transparent background + high resolution 

EPS- transparent background, can be scaled to any size- ideal for print. 


How you can help things going smoothly: 

Be clear and prompt in your feedback, use visuals to demonstrate your vision and keep all of your notes limited to one email. 


Can I work in my own images and assets? 

Certainly! However be sure that you own the propriety rights to the artwork you are sending to ensure you won’t have issues when you go to publish.


What do I need to do to trademark my new logo?

If you are looking for guidance in trademarking your logo and acquiring the legal rights, I have a legal specialist on team that will be more than happy to help you. Please inquire as to our trademarking package 




What do I need to send you?

  1. the first step is to send your inspiration, your logo ( vector format )  your colors ( in Pantone or hex format) and copy for the box.  OR if you have done your research before hand, please send dyelines as well. 

  2. With packaging we have three revisions. Once we’ve confirmed the style of packaging, materials and overall look you may either shop at your local printers, or work with a recommended supplier. They will provide a quote and dyelines

  3. After layout placement and color is confirmed we can send the file to the printers. 




What kind of sites do you design?


Virtually any kind of site! However pricing will vary as to the complexity of the design and the amount of hours put in! 

If I work with my coder, the cost augments, likewise with the amount of pages and data required to enter



What platform do you use? 


My team uses WIx, Wordpress, Shopify,  and most other platforms that require coding, the best way to be sure is to get in touch with us directly with the specifics of your site. 


What should I send you? 


Please send me your logo in vector format, the hex codes of your brand color, the text you would like to include and any visuals you have to support your site. 


Do you write copy? 


I have partnered with a few talented writers that I would be more than happy to direct you to. 





Product photography + Videography


I have partnered with photographers and videographers who’s work I admire and respect, together our team is more than capable of producing strong visual content that will stand out from the crowd. 


So how does that work? 


The first step is for me to pull together a design board that outlines the feel, pallet, shooting style and overall concept. 

Following  your approval of the board at that I would meet with my team  and determine a budget. If that is approved we can get started on developing a more concrete plan of action. I would do a location scout, we would cast models ( if necessary) hair and makeup, rent any equipment that would be necessary. What would be delivered to your marketing team would be a package that is compatible to your desired platform. 



I need a complete Revamp. Logo, site, art direction, product photography, I need it all. And I don’t know where to start. 

What should I do? 


I offer an immersive workshop program. That is where I travel to your location for a time from from one week to a month.  Here is where the magic happens, when I work exclusively on your project (s) here we exchange ideas, sit down and rap out a place of action. I can design your assets and site with you together. Without the back and forth of email the turnaround time decreases and we are able to go live in a manner of weeks. 


Please note that I will charge fo air fare, accommodations and transport. 


I have a few investment properties and hotels I would like to rebrand, and I’m short on time. What are my options?


If you are pushed for time and have a large amount of work to press through then the workshop program is a good match for you as well. 

This ensures a clean stream of communication, as well as photography media and deliverables on site so by the time I leave you and your team are prepared to execute the multiple project launches. 



 I have a few commercial spaces I would like to redesign the interiors of - where do we start? 

The first step would be to complete int questionnaire and send me the requested information. 

If you would like me to be on site, that can be arranged, however the first step can be quite comfortably done from a distance. 


What is included in the interior design package? 

Each interior design package has the following: a space plan, mood board, furniture spec sheets and conceptual renderings. 


Do you do residential interior design? 

No I’m afraid I do not. 

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