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The Highlands Edition

spring  - summer

It's hard to describe the northern highlands of Scotland in early spring. 


Rolling hills stretch out for endless miles, dried heather and turf creates a rich pallet of cognac and mulberry tones. 

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Solasta– Luminous or shining

Scottish slang 

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Turadh– A break in the clouds between showers.

Scottish slang 


57.4596° N, 4.2264° W

Languages Spoken: 

Three languages are spoken in the Highlands: English, Scots and Gaelic.​

Trade & production : 

Whisky, mining, agriculture, forest & fishing

National animal:



Smoke curls  up from small cottages, inconspicuously nestled into the banks of sprawling ranges. The wind is a constant companion in the highlands, blowing fierce enough to steal the air from your lungs, or as a salty caress- when  spending an afternoon tramping the shores of a loch. 

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the Queens residence when in Edinburgh

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Monadh- Moorland covered mountain.

Scottish slang 

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Russt & Burgundy tones with gold foil detailing

In early spring the damp sets right into your bones, so an evening is best spent toasting ones toes by the fire accompanied by a dram of whisky.

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edited 1.jpg

The infamous Glenfinn Viaduct

The facade we designed for Druid Edinburgh 

See brand story for druid Here

image courtesy of druid - visit site here 

edited Edinburgh 2 .jpg

The architecture in Edinburgh

Glenfinn 9.JPG

a classic loch scene

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