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A Dense Fog Rolled in

from the ports of Venice, enveloping the city in a pearlescent cloak, at a quarter past 7 the Piazza San Marco was already populated with workmen & sharp eyed photographers looking to capture the square in the morning light. 

As the sun slowly burnt off the layers of mists that shrouded the city, the beauty of the Venetian architecture was revealed. 

Ornate marble columns, intricate reliefs and latticework all come together to create a city with its own particular design style. 

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Some of the canels in the city are over 17 meters deep, there are approximately 150 canals separating 118 Tony islands on which Venice is built. 


embossing details  on calligraphy - card design

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the abundance of marble in Venice can be traced back to its roots as a trade city, exotic stones where brought from Africa, Greece and Turkey. Tracings of the southern influence can be found in the art and design all over the city. 

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Typography and modern classic details on this logo and label  evoke the romance and mystery of Venice 

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Details of the cathedral at the piazza San Marco 

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