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Bring your product or service to live with our production packages. 

Would you like to see your product photographed in the rose gardens of Vienna? Or perhaps on the cliff lined shores of Portugal? Or at a cafe in Paris? 

Our team is capable of doing just that*. Taking your product and elevating it to something that will resonate with your intended market. 


The work "production" can be intimidating and sometimes deter a business looking to elevate their offering. 


Here is a breakdown of how we work: 


1. following purchase we send you a questionnaire, when you send it back we may hop on a call with you to clarify any questions we may have. 


2. we would propose a plan of action- including samples of images of the direction and style we would like to head in. 


3. we do ground work, we visit the location, work out a budget-organize casting, lighting, styling, makeup etc.. 


4. we shoot! We edit, and we will present you with the imagery formatted in a way that is ideal for the medium you wish to present it on. ( social media, website, etc..) 


Thats it! For any questions of queries please send us a message. 


* please note, this price is for travel within Czechia, Vienna, Berlin and Budapest. 

Western Europe, Asia, UK, Australia, Africa and the Americas will be priced as a custom listing.

Production Package- basic

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