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This template is ideal for those looking to present themselves in a professional way in their email marketing. Ideal for mailchimp, but could potentially work for other software that will accept designs in JPEG format. 


How it works. You will be prompted to download an illustrator file, upon opening it you will see the design prepared: one email put together for reference and then the other broken down into segments. 


To Edit:

 Simply hit "T" on your keyboard, or click the text icon. 

you can change the text and font to match your own branding, and change up the size to highlight important info. 


you can change up the colours as well by clicking the box you wish to change and adjusting the pallet to suit your tastes. 


To add images you simple double click the boxes and place the images in lieu of the sample ones provided.


To Export:  go to "file" then "export"  then "export as" select Jpeg. 


Upload them to your mailchimp, organize them in their corresponding spaces 





One adobe illustrator file, fully editable - including links to where you can purchase the fonts. 


The crests and logos included in the file are free for your use if you wish to have the file formatted to PSD  the cost will be+  164 CAD 

Mailchimp email template

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