Harness the selling benefits and user friendly dashboard of shopify, with our clean and timeless design “THE INDIES” The Indies theme is elegant, tailored, modern. 

She is eye-catching and difficult to forget.  She is built to show off your own beautiful products, in the best possible way. Strategic use of blank space, hover animations and large striking imagery helps you tell your story and lets the buyer fall in love with what you offer. 


Ideal for small batch or boutique products.  


Crafted for unique & individual brands that  believe in their offering and aspire to be more than just another voice in the crowd. 








Soft tones of Oyster and Taupe bring an understanted warmth to the design, whilst classic typography ensure legibility and design appeal. Bring a personalized touch by changing the font to your own, if you so desire. 









Connect your site to your social media channels, checkout with PayPal and stripe, set up your email marketing.. build a strong foundation to your marketing by reaching out to your ideal audience. Work smart, not hard. 


This is the perfect package for those looking to get out of the “beginner” site realm and build a professional space that is not only functional, but unforgettable. 





Overwhelmed by the thought of installing a theme? 

For + 50 CAD go with the support package  and benefit from our onsite technician that will happily 

Share your screen and help you set up your new site and domain. 

They will also show you how to get the most out of your site by changing up images, adding products 

And adding SEO and keywords. 


Consider it a one hour crash course on how to manage your site independently!



INSTALLATION: when your purcahse you will be sent a link, when downloaded you will have access to a file titled "readme" and that will guide you in how to install the file. 

INDIES - Shopify Theme Design- custom shopify theme design