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Developing a branding for a restaurant is tricky. It's more than curating a delicious menu and establishing a cosy interior. These days the market requires us to be a bit more savvy with how we present ourselves both online, and through the interiors. Each detail that the customer views, from the website to the menus will leave a lasting impression and make their experience all the more special.  


Starting with a detailed questionnaire, we break down your target market, tastes and develop a look that is reflective of you, while being fresh and engaging to the market. We want to create a polished look that has consistency on all platforms.


Included in this package is: 


- Design Board with fonts, inspiration and pallet

- Two Logos and one watermark

- Interior brand guide, layout and rendering

- Booklet containing space floorpan, finishes and furnishings

- Menu

- Business Card 

- X2 Social media and website banners

- Basic Email marketing setup

- 3 page website with online menu and reservation service.

Full Restaurant Branding Package

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