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A study of the bohemian pallet and the cukrárna culture. 
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The first time I stepped foot in a cukrárna, I was overwhelmed.


At the tender age of 10, my father took me on a trip to introduce me to his homeland, my parents where Czech Immigrants living in Canada. 

Translated literally cukrárna is a "sweet" or "sugar" shop, with treats that pre-date the Austro - Hungarian empire. 

Within a respectable cukrárna, you will find mountains of candy coloured cakes, glistening jellies, towering chocolate pipe cakes filled with cloud-like meringues  and various other treats that would make my 10 year old heart tremble with joy. 

Selecting a treat was a painful ordeal, but once the decision was made it was neatly wrapped in paper, tucked in a box and handed over the counter into eager hands. 


To this day, the nostalgia, accompanied with a fondness for tidy packaging is the inspiration for this set of designs. 

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Reusable tins; both ecologically friendly and evocative of old world charm.
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A Czech patisserie design that is bohemian and suited to the cheerful colours of frosted cakes, with a playfulness that is rooted in the heritage of czech sweets.
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Plum Liquor Branding and label design
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