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From its sleepy early morning cafes, to streets flooded with warm lights and buoyant conversations, Paris carries itself with a careless elegance that has attracted artists and designers alike since its establishment in 3rd century BC. The Gauls who  founded the city were called Parisii and since then its grown and stretched to encapsulate its neighbouring towns and is today known as “the city of lights” 

This brand design captures the intricacy of Parisian architecture, and balances it with a simple font. Attention is given to form and proportion, at times the elements are exaggerated and treated with Gold foil or spot UV to create maximum visual impact. 

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When you consider the architecture of Paris you come across a list that is rather impressive Gallo-Roman, Baroque, neoclassical and the debut of Classicism.The 18th century – The triumph of neoclassicism,   Art Nouveau, belle epoch, and contemporary to name a few. What is striking is how exemplary each execution of each style is. The city of lights has a turbulent history, however one thing that remains consistent is its repute of style and design. 


Paris has been home to some of the most influential artists and designers of their time .. and ours, as we find their legacy reappearing even today in fashion and interior design. 


To study Paris and its design history would take a lifetime, or several. So we shall be content with simply stepping back and taking in its splendour. 

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