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Between 1900 and 1920 there was a massive migration of the working class from Naples and Southern Italy to America ( over 3.2 million in fact)  and more specifically NYC. Settling in a area to be later dubbed “little Italy” they began their life anew with traditional receipts brought over from the motherland.  Soon the scent of crushed garlic and savoury spices caught the attention of their new neighbours, gradually- Neapolitan dishes became beloved by New Yorkers and synonymous with the image we conjure today of little Italy. Of open windows, crispy pizza’s and freshly pulled espresso. 


This brand is a celebration of that heritage, and of the human instinct to preserve heritage while simotaniously  looking towards the future. 


modern crests, classic colours with rust and bluish undertones, motifs of cracked plaster, telephone wires and herbs are placed on reinforced glass bottles. Debossing, UV. Stickers and a heavy paper weight convoy quality and old world charm. 

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