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shot by Lukas Dolezal

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dappled czech warmbloods
equestrian fashion photography


 Pardubice, located in a flat peninsula between Prague and the rolling landscape of Moravia, has a rich historical background in horsemanship. In the past, this region was renowned for its extensive multi-day hunts, attracting aristocracy from all over Europe who sought to engage in diverse game and experience the hospitality of the numerous manor homes scattered throughout the countryside. Pardubice is particularly known as the heartland of the Kladruber horse, a baroque carriage horse with a distinctive Roman nose, which continues to be used worldwide for royal carriages. The golden Kinsky sport horse also remains present in the area, although the Czech Warmblood has become the most common sport horse today. 


The Slatinany manor showcases a captivating interior that preserves a remarkable archive of artwork and documentation related to foxhounds, steeplechases, and polo matches, which were integral to the region's identity in the past. Presently, Pardubice hosts the "Velka Pardubice" event in October, and the city exudes a vibrant enthusiasm for the sport that has put it on the map since the 18th century.



The goal of our shoot was to capture the beauty and reflect the history of this region, in a way that is distinctly Czech.  

Grey Warmblood Deborah Jehlicka Studio.jpg

Setting:  Zamek Kacina and Zamek Slatinany.  

A study of classical architecture and the bohemian countryside

shot by Lukas Dolezal

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