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Greek Archipelagos 


This month we went to greece for a photoshoot of various products & landscapes for our clients. We also had the opportunity to study the artwork and architecture of civilizations past, and where struck by the continuation of certain elements in artwork produced today. 


It would appear that the things that make artwork visually appealing then ( Contrast, Balance, Emphasis, Movement, White Space, Proportion, Hierarchy, Repetition, Rhythm, Pattern) is still relevant and celebrated today. 



A small yet tranquil island. The landscape is offset by corse grass and hardy brush. In the Month of may, during our visit, the island was in bloom, and the heather took on an orange - pink hue. The air itself was heady in its fragrance. We took great gulps of it each morning as we prepped our equipment for a day of shooting and exploring.


As it was rather early in the season, we where often the only ones at the coves, treading the bracing water and marvelling at the the fantoms of pristine azure waters that surrounded the island.

chora  12.JPG


The history of this island is a part of what draws the travellers to Milos, the other part is the gorgeous beaches. Those who  Pristine sands,  white cliffs, ancient ruins, tiny charming fishing villages...  a true photograph of the quintessential greek island.


A column from the Milos amphitheater, built in the roman style. A massive marble clad structure set in a cliff that overlooks the Agean Sea

Left: Silvery olive leaves catch the light in centuries old olive groves that pepper the landscape of Milos Island

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