Sunrise over Giza. the Sphinx and pyramids in the morning light
dusk settles over the sugarcane plantations in Luxor, the lush garden of Egypt
Hatshepsut's alabaster in the temple of luxor
Dusky groves of Luxor
Balloons rising from the dawn in Luxor, Egypt
The many layers of the Sahara glowing in the afternoon sun, outside of Hurghada
Lavender hues and damp sand. the Sphinx at Dawn
The Pyramids of Giza,  Radiant in the morning light. 
The morning chaos of Cairo  drifting over this palm grove  ( out of shot)
The Red Sea at dawn, Hurghada 
Arabians and temples 6:30 am
Rushes and lush palms.; Luxor.
Softly rising from the purple mist, Balloons in Luxor.