An empire inspired tea co. based in Australia. 

Ari and May is a house of tea that sources its tea from sustainable and ethically harvested plantations. Their inspiration? Travel through tea! (and tea culture). From its refreshing Moroccan teas to British styled Blacks. Each blend speaks of tea’s rich history and cultural influence. 


The logo was designed to evoke elements of British countryside as well as Egypt, as both countries have personal significance to the co-founders. 


A modern classic approach was taken to the design, clean shillouette of Egyptian Lillys, cartography and botanicals was paired with a elegant typeface. A lovely fresh grey was complimented with a bold tangerine hue and each label was thoughtfully researched then hand drawn in- house. 


Hot foil treatments where employed, to make certain elements stand out, while other elements received debossing or are softened with a wash to enhance relevant information.  Tailored details, such as a delicate tea plant and tiger motif are used to enhance the simple elegance of each box, by being placed under the lid, to be revealed only upon opening. 


The stackable canisters where designed in three colours: French Grey, Ivory and a striking black. Their purpose is to organize each tea collection (classics, tisanes, black blends etc) 

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canister samples- gold foil treatments on tins and labels
photo shoot of the tins in India
alternative samples of assets, satin ribbon with logo and spot UV box Design
An on site photoshoot of the tins in the Desert, Paris and Vienna