One phenomenon that has occurred in recent years is the development of competitively priced air fare. Heavily discounted tickets on economy flights are making international travel more attainable than every before. On one hand this is fantastic! More travel! On the other hand, the experience of economy travel becomes a type of hell on earth, as airlines struggle to find ways break even by making cuts to excess comforts. 


With globalization we are also seeing a loss of cultural identity in the struggle to make design modern and uniform. With Pinterest, and behance inspiration has never been so attainable and independent creativity- never so rare. 


A standard economy flight will include a surcharge on everything from your baggage to your actual seat. The food offered on board is usually a gummy sandwich or tin foil wrapped pasta with a mysterious sauce. Entertainment will be box office hits or a well thumbed in flight magazine from last spring.  Before the flight lands you will be encouraged to purchase a duty free Chanel perfume and maybe a stuffed animal with a pilots cap. 


We can do better than that can’t we? 


Imagine if you where able to shop from small businesses directly from the country you’ve left. Products that are handcrafted by local artisans: teas, oils, cosmetics, accessories that are designed and reflect the countries artistry and local talent. 


Imagine that your food was wrapped fresh from local small farms and fisheries just that morning, and your packaging was recyclable (or washable!) 


Imagine if your in flight magazines featured local artists and where more relevant content than advertisement heavy? 

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