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This template is ideal for those looking to elevate their presentation and add value to their customer experience.


How it works.

1. You will receive a zipped file labeled " welcome package

upon opening- click the file labeled " fonts" purchase and download the fonts that you will be linked to: 

2. Download the illustrator file

3. Click the text tool and edit the text to your taste, you can add or delete the photos as you desire.

save the file as a PDF and print away! 



To Edit:

 Simply hit "T" on your keyboard, or click the text icon. 

you can change the text and font to match your own branding, and change up the size to highlight important info. 


you can change up the colours as well by clicking the colour box at the bottom left of the page .


To Export:  go to "file" then "export"  then "export as" select Jpeg. 


Upload them to your mailchimp, organize them in their corresponding spaces 





One adobe illustrator file, fully editable - including links to where you can purchase the fonts. 


To have custom pages designed for your business the price will be 150 CAD per page. 

Menu template. Seafood menu template- restaurant menu-classic menu design.

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