Dawn over the Taj

7:45 AM

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To capture the feel of India is impossible, it’s an assault of colours, sounds and scents. 


What I found remarkable about exploring the forts and palaces of Rajasthan and Agra was that the main motivation behind building these monuments was love and a sprit of warmth. A far cry from the fortresses and palaces in Europe, Russia and the UK, where the motivation for building was for logistical purposes; war, commerce or to demonstrate a countries wealth-  In India the narrative of love and spirituality is beautifully present, and as a result they shape the way a city is built in unique and unexpected ways. In Jaipur, the Maharaja Ram Singh painted the entire city pink to welcome the visit of the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria. Pink being the colour of hospitality . In the Amber fort the king has special quarters design for his 12 wives, complete with a secret corridor built  into floorplan.

In Agra we have the Taj Mahal, the famous burial place designed to house the body of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan’s favourite wife.


The architecture is a mix of Mughal, indo islamic, Colonial, Hoysala, Buddst and Hindu. 

Motifs of trees, animals, exotic birds and religious figures make an appearance in artwork. 


the Amber Fort


9:30 AM

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dusk over the Taj

7:45 AM

Jaipur at Dawn


The City Palace